Kelly Zeigler - Technician Resume Simple
A position as a Registered Polysomnographic technologist in a hospital or private practice setting. I am a highly motivated, hard-working, reliable, and focused individual.
  • operations, maintenance, database, computer
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    Blount Memorial Hospital

    • Created and maintained a database for all employees and clients. Provided information to the staff on the status of the project.
    • Managed and maintained the MMR budget, including the creation of a new and existing product line. This included the development of a new and innovative training program.
    • Performed all aspects of the fabrication of the hardware and software. The application of the device, including the use of the power Point, the power injector, and the single-line.
    • In charge of the company, I have been responsible for the day to day operations of the facility. This includes the training of all employees.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Maintenance Supervisor

    Knowledge Beginnings

    • Maintained and updated database operations and computer systems. Performed all tasks associated with the development of the company. Provided support to the department.
    • Assisted in the maintenance of all equipment and supplies. Ensured that the company's policies and procedures were followed. Monitored and maintained the functionality of the company.
    • Developed and implemented a system for the installation of the equipment and the maintenance of the equipment. Performed all quality control checks on the lab.
    • Assisted in the development of a new construction system for the company. Managed the installation of the equipment and the maintenance of the fleet.
    • Lead medic-responsible for the training of all new hires and the staff of the company. Responsible for the management of the department.
    • Developed and implemented a new program for the department of Defense. Coordinated the development of the annual budget. Served as the Regional attorney on the state.