Donna Thompson - Soldier Resume Simple
Highly motivated and results-oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Thrives in a fast-paced environment and works to complete projects quickly and efficiently.
  • leadership, maintenance, security, inspections, training, military, optics, windows, supervising
  • exchange, robotic, assembly, testing, troubleshooting, communication, production, design, technician, maintenance, engineering, injection molding, repair, manufacturing, documentation
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    Keiser University

    • I was responsible for the training and development of the ship's Force management system (e.M., T.
    • Responsible for the troubleshooting and repairing of the following systems: (e-mail, Alcatel- Lucent, and A/C, and A/C, and A.
    • Provide excellent customer service and training to all levels of mechanics, technicians, and other personnel to ensure proper operation of equipment and software, and to enhance the safety of the system.
    • Received Navy Achievement Medal for superior service and dedication to military and civilian personnel. I was responsible for the training of the squadron Commander for the command.
    • Provided training to the maintenance mechanics in the use of specialized equipment and tools. Directed and trained employees on proper procedures and techniques.
    • Performed general building management including but not limited to, Silent Knight, security, and fire alarm. Also, I was responsible for the repair of a wide variety of electrical systems.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Paint Technician

    Affordable Dentures

    • Perform testing and calibration of manufacturing equipment and components. Conduct quality control checks and audits. Identify and report any defects found in the test.
    • Performed design, repair, and maintenance of semiconductor equipment and products to improve product quality and reduce production costs.
    • Responsible for the fabrication, assembly, and disassembly of robotic systems. (i.). Performed all aspects of the following: The National Institute of the art technology, Command, and disaster recovery.
    • Provides technical support and guidance to the engineering department in the development of solutions. This includes but not limited to: testing, troubleshooting, and repairing.
    • Identified and resolved customer complaints and complaints to meet company goals. Performed quality audits on product lines. Documented results and made recommendations to the management.
    • Worked with engineers to develop solutions for new products and improve quality. Assists in the development of new product lines.


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