Clyde Parker - Electronics Technician II Resume Simple
Seeking a position as an electronic technician, or maintenance technician where I can utilize my skills and experience to help the company meet and surpass its goals.
  • technician, electronics, military, diagnostics, analysis, optics, production, fiber optic, fiber optics
  • schematics, oscilloscope, electronics, troubleshooting, service, technician, team leader, technical skills, repair, hardware, customer service
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Electronics Technician II

    Orleans Technical Institute

    • Work with electronics engineers to troubleshoot and solve problems with the computer systems and computers. I have Used a fiber optic software to make the most efficient and effective use.
    • Assisted in the development of prototype and production equipment Used in the electro-mechanical design of the entire product.
    • Worked with the electronics engineers to test the signal Processor, and the associated equipment. The system was Used to test the frequency of the power.
    • Worked with the electronics Technician to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise. This includes but not limited to, repairing or replacing defective or faulty components.
    • Troubleshoot and repaired electronics systems including: Weather radar, radio, navigation, communication, and navigation. Interpreted technical data in order to isolate faults and malfunctions.
    • Responsibilities included: The analysis of the radar, autopilot, and power supplies. Also, I was responsible for the design and modification of a variety of electronic and electromechanical parts.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Technical Advisor

    The Goddard School

    • Provided technical support for the entire installation, troubleshooting, and repair of hardware and software. Maintained a strong working environment of all levels of customer and military customers.
    • Assisted in the development of new electronics prototypes and designs. Provided technical support to customers. Consulted with the engineers to ensure the best solution for the customer.
    • Provided technical support for the development of prototypes and test procedures. Used test equipment to evaluate and verify the performance of the products.
    • Assisted in the development and implementation of new products and services. Provided technical support and problem solving for the prototypes.
    • Developed and executed the installation of the new products and equipment. This includes but not limited to: audio, video, audio, video, and vision systems.
    • Assisted in the development of new products, technology, and technical support. Performed research and development of prototypes.