Debra Wells - Manufacturing Technician Resume Simple
Seeking a position as a manufacturing technician/operator/production control specialist with a growing company in the area of quality, safety, and quality control.
  • operations, process improvements, supervision, solutions, production, manufacturing, assembly
  • blueprints, production, management
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Manufacturing Technician

    DynCorp International

    • Work with operations and engineers to improve process yields and reduce downtime. This resulted in a reduction of time and reduced scrap by 60%.
    • Assist in the development of new products and processes to improve production, quality, and profitability. Participated in Lean manufacturing initiatives.
    • Work with engineers and other departments to ensure that all assignments are completed in accordance with current good manufacturing practices.
    • Perform quality control of products and processes to ensure product quality. This includes but not limited to: Medical devices, and lab equipment.
    • Perform daily duties as assigned by the team leader. Set up and operate equipment to ensure quality and performance.
    • Worked with the team of engineers, technicians, and other manufacturing departments to ensure quality and productivity. Provided solutions to all issues and problems.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27



    • Assist in the production of blueprints and drawings to ensure proper fit and function of the products. Communicate with management and management to ensure that all work is completed on time.
    • Use of hand tools and power tools to perform tasks. Read blueprints and schematics, and applying knowledge of electronics and electrical systems.
    • Prepare and submit reports to customer and government officials and/or other company personnel. Assist in the development of new or existing products.
    • Responsible for the quality of products and materials for the next generation. Also, I would use the test equipment to make sure the product is being shipped.
    • Operate metalworking machines to fabricate housings, jigs, fittings, or fixtures. Perform basic assembly and installation of electrical components.


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