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I am a hard working, dedicated individual who is looking for a career in the electrical field, where I can utilize my skills and experience to help the company meet and surpass its goals.
  • supervisor, electrician, management, receiving, generators, compressors, electrical systems, ordering, safety, maintenance, lighting, mechanical, electrical, payroll
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27


    Skyline Chili

    • Perform preventative maintenance on electrical systems, equipment and apparatus, and ensure that they are in compliance with state safety regulations and EPA standards.
    • Work with the shop Foreman, ordering parts and receiving the necessary paperwork, and keeping the job done in a timely manner.
    • Perform electrical and mechanical duties as well as the maintenance of the facilities. Including but not limited to: servicing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining the following systems: Fire alarm, nurse call system, emergency
    • I have experience in the following categories: electrical, lighting, fire alarm, nurse call, and other equipment.
    • Perform general electrical repairs on equipment and tools, and performed routine and preventative maintenance on burglar alarm systems, including but not limited to, HVAC, fire alarm, and security.
    • Worked with various electrical companies to perform maintenance on a daily basis. Performed all aspects of the facility's equipment such as: Air handlers, HVAC, motors, boiler, and fire alarm systems.


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