Kevin Schaal - Manufacturing Technician Resume Simple
A highly motivated, energetic, and dedicated professional with a strong background in the areas of education, and a minor in the field of social work.
  • solutions, inspection, safety, responsible, management, engineering
  • computer, engineering, databases, production, maintenance, access, responsible
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Manufacturing Technician

    University of Western Sydney

    • Responsible for the safety of the company and the construction of the product. I also worked with the team to ensure the best possible solution.
    • Work with engineering and management team to ensure all records are completed and submitted. As well as prepare and present reports to the Department of health and Human services.
    • Monitor and track shipping and receiving of all products and services to ensure accuracy. Maintained and updated files and records.
    • Negotiated with vendors to ensure timely and accurate delivery of premium service. Ensured production of vendor contracts. Maintained and updated all employee files.
    • Maintained and updated the production of all equipment and supplies for the store. Monitored and managed the delivery of products and services to customers.
    • Provided technical support to the shipping and receiving of the system. Worked with the engineers to ensure the best possible solution to the customer.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Group Leader

    Therapists Unlimited

    • Developed and implemented a new prototype model for the manufacturing of the company. Responsible for the maintenance of the network and its users.
    • Maintain and troubleshoot computer systems, including, but not limited to: Data entry, file maintenance, and troubleshooting.
    • Managed and maintained production and quality control of all product and Engineering. Developed and implemented new systems. Worked with team members to ensure that project goals were met.
    • Used access to create and maintain a database of all new and existing customers. As well as the sales and development of the company.
    • Created a database for the use of the SQL queries and the data collection system. Used the software to analyze and resolve the use of the application.
    • Used Microsoft SQL database to create and maintain databases and data bases. Created and maintained a database of all new hires.