Rosario Starling - Engineer Resume Simple
A position with a company that will utilize my experience and knowledge of the information technology field. I am a hardworking and resourceful individual who is committed to providing excellent customer service.
  • proposals, project, engineering, collection, wbs, sales force, negotiations, technical support, reports, validation
  • programming, plc, electrical, production, plc programming
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    Meridian Services

    • Performed project administration, including engineering, scheduling, and documentation. Prepared reports for the program. Coordinated the preparation of proposals.
    • Developed training material for the new computer system, including the validation of the equipment and the associated accounting systems.
    • Develop and maintain training materials for the company to include the Pharmacy, online, and electronic medical records. These systems are used to provide the marketing and support for the company's intranet.
    • Created and maintained training materials for the computer telephony system. Performed the duties of the company. This included the creation of the user accounts, and the maintenance of the payroll system.
    • Provided training and support for the sales Force for the organization. This included the collection of the data, and the analysis of the business needs.
    • Responsible for the coordination of computer systems, infrastructure, and training. This included the creation of new and existing processes, procedures, and policies.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Electrical Engineer


    • Provided technical assistance to the team in the PLC process. I was responsible for programming and development of new programs.
    • Worked with electrical engineers to ensure production and delivery of the product. This included the design of the new products and services.
    • Worked with the electrical Engineer to ensure that the equipment was in place and in accordance with the specifications. The URS were met by the civil engineering department.
    • Worked with the electrical and mechanical engineers to ensure the timely completion of the projects. Ensured that all the equipment were in accordance with the specifications.
    • Developed and maintained a team of electrical engineers, technicians, and contractors. Managed the development of the civil Engineer.
    • Implemented a new LabVIEW to support the development of the product. This resulted in a reduction of time spent on the number of hours.


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