Frank Cruz - Project Engineer Resume Simple
A highly motivated and detail-oriented professional with a proven track record of success in the design, development, and maintenance of complex projects.
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  • project, engineering, analysis, class, monitoring, spc, real time, ncr, engineering design, calibration, budget, construction, iso, quality management, kpi, iso 9001, quality, project management, training, audits, design, management, production, manufacturing, 5s, mrp
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Project Engineer

    The College of Charleston

    • Developed and implemented a new project management system to improve the manufacturing process, reduce costs, and increase quality of the laboratory.
    • Responsible for the design, fabrication, and logistics of the program to ensure the successful completion of the projects, including the budget, schedule, and cost.
    • Coordinate with engineering, engineering, and other departments to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget.
    • Provide engineering and support to the sales team to ensure that the product is delivered on time and within budget.
    • Provide engineering and support for the program to ensure that all projects are completed in accordance with the contract and OSHA regulations.
    • Provide technical support to the sales team, including the development of the logistics and shipping of the product. The program is a new product.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Lead Engineer

    ADT Security Services

    • Conduct ISO 9001 certification and accreditation process for engineering, manufacturing, and operations. Responsible for the commissioning, calibration, and maintenance of equipment.
    • Lead project budget planning, design, construction, and maintenance of the production system. Manage and maintain a real time customer service program.
    • Provide training and guidance to the team members on the process of quality and process improvement. Participate in the planning, execution, and distribution of the program.
    • Develop and maintain a comprehensive program plan for the KPI, engineering, and operations. Responsible for the overall process of the management of the projects.
    • Provide engineering and quality control, including commissioning, and inspections, and training, and OSHA -compliant manufacturing processes.
    • Develop and maintain a comprehensive program plan, including process improvement, quality control, and engineering, manufacturing, and training.