Oscar Albrecht - Chief Engineer Resume Simple
I am a highly motivated and results-oriented professional with a passion for building and leading teams of engineers, and a team leader.
  • storage, project, engineering, software development, budget, software, replication, server, hiring, real time, planning, technology, collection, backup, optimization, analytics, marketing, data collection, research
  • operations, saas, oracle, architect, bcp, strategy, open source, it operations, j2ee, engineering, scalability, budget, architecture, software development, security, software, it, product management, inventory, supply chain, design, b2b, management, integration, contract management, cisco, service
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Chief Engineer


    • Managed the development of a new product management system, including the collection of the information, security, and compliance with the company's storage, marketing, and analytics.
    • Managed the development of a new pipeline and technology to support the collection of the data, including the creation of a roadmap, and the overall project of the program.
    • Lead the development of a new product management system to support the company's strategic planning, scheduling, and delivery of software, networking, and data collection.
    • Implemented a new Server management system to support the collection of high volume data, including security, backup, and recovery.
    • Drove the development of a new product roadmap, including hiring, optimization, and performance tuning of real-time and high-performance, and scalable solutions.
    • Driving the research and development of new technologies and tools to support the engineering and service Oriented architecture. This includes the creation of a new workflow Engine, and a robust database.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26


    North Augusta High School

    • Responsible for the analysis, design, development, integration, and deployment of IT security and operations for the cloud based software platform.
    • Worked with the architecture team to develop a new product roadmap for outsourcing and supply chain. Responsible for the development of a new product offering.
    • Responsible for the development of a cloud based SaaS platform, including the architecture, security, operations, and service management.
    • Managed the development, engineering, and operations of the cloud based architecture for the enterprise. Led the RFP, selecting the right talent, and defining the product roadmap.
    • Designed and implemented a cloud based SaaS solution for the enterprise architecture, security, and forecasting. The product allowed the company to manage the business operations.
    • Working with the product development team to develop a comprehensive strategy for the next generation of the platform, including the creation of a new product, the Cloud, and the data Center.