Norma Thomas - IT Consultant Resume Simple
Experienced and accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience in the areas of information technology, and business administration. Proven ability to manage multiple projects and consistently meeting deadlines under pressure.
  • it, security, information security, management, risk management
  • compliance, technology, disaster recovery, quality assurance, management, procurement, legal, information security, risk assessment, monitoring, security, testing, change management, liaison, risk management, reports, business continuity, evaluations
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    IT Consultant

    San Jacinto College

    • Work with the business to develop and implement a new process to ensure the quality of the data is provided to the external auditors.
    • Developed and implemented risk management and security protocols to ensure IT infrastructure and operational efficiency. This resulted in a more efficient and effective process.
    • Responsible for the development of the internal control framework and the execution of the risk assessment. The scope of the work is performed and the process is to be used to identify the risks and opportunities.
    • Conducted interviews with the business owners to determine the best possible solution for the company. Provided recommendations to improve the efficiency of the department.
    • Providing guidance to the business unit on the development of the internal control framework and the execution of the risk assessment.
    • Provided support to the business unit management team in the development of the new Enterprise system. The project was to be used to create a new process for the application of the internal control framework.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Senior Manager

    Invitrogen Corporation

    • Reviewed and analyzed the disaster recovery plan and identified risks and opportunities. Ensured that the business continuity plans were in place and met with the appropriate stakeholders.
    • Provide quality assurance and compliance support for the QA team. Responsible for the development of the department's security and monitoring system.
    • Developed and maintained the quality assurance program. Managed the development of the department's financial management system. Designed and implemented the process of developing and maintaining the database.
    • Developed and implemented a new process improvement program. This included the development of the department's annual operating plan, and the creation of a new risk management system.
    • Managed the development of the new system and developed the process and procedures for the project. Provided support for the IT department.
    • Assists with the development of the program management system, including the development of the business process, systems, procedures, and database design, training, and coaching.


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